Analyze Tripadvisor, Trivago, and

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The weekly blog is to analyze the four companies’ (Tripadvisor, Trivago,, website traffic, product offering, target market and the financial report, in order to help the customer to choose a hotel.

1.Analyze site traffic for each site (use

In this part, based on the data from the to analyze the world website traffic rank graph in a year and daily visitor’s country map, to understand which company’s website is the most popular and the highest utilization rate.

According to the graph, we can see that Tripadvisor’s website traffic rank decrease from 196 to 240 during the September to December. But it is showing an upward trend since January. In July reached the peak 176 (Alexa,2014).

trpadvisorThe graph shows that the highest ranking of Trivago’s website traffic is 4.5k in July. Trivago’s website traffic rank increase from January 15k to July 4.5k. The other picture show that 63.2% visitors come from the United States, 4.7% visitors come from the United Kingdom (Alexa,2014).

trivago vistors trivago

Based on the graph show that reached the peak in July and rank 80. And we can find that is the most widely used among these four companies. Approximately 45 countries use the (Alexa,2014).

bookinbooking vistors

Wotif’s website traffic rank reached the highest point in January and June, about 9k. The visitors country map show that Wotif’s has 60.4% from Australia, and 6% come from New Zealand (Alexa,2014).

wotif wotif vistors

2. Analyze the product offering of each site.

Tripadvisor is mainly to provide the product for the customer includes the travel products and services. For example, help the client to book the flight ticket, hotel, and tour package, restaurant. Besides TripAdvisor’s travel directory is to provide the top travel sites for the consumer (Tripadvisor,2014). Trivago main product is provided by the hotel price comparison. The site compares hotel prices as well as aspects of the hotel experience. It can assist the customer to choose the cheapest hotel (Trivago,2014). is the world’s number one accommodation. The lists provide travelers with an inspirational trip-planning tool of crowd-sourced favorite properties based on accommodation, region and traveler types, include the accommodation type, region, and traveler type (,2014). is an Australia’s favorite online travel website. The product includes the accommodation, flights, packages and rentals Wotif. (Wotif,2014).

3. Analyze the possible target markets for each site and highlight the differences

Tripadvisor will research and development the App function is to satisfy more and more App users, because according to the research only 15% of TripAdvisor’s total traffic is using the original display (Guestcentric,2014)., so the Tripadvisor’s possible target markets is to expand the App users. On the other hand, attract the more target audience from the social media, and expand the international presence and increasing hotel shoppers. Trivago’s possible target market is to develop some new visitors from other target travel sites, and non-travel sites (Lincoln,2013)., in terms of target market will develop the females, because there is more frequents visitor of the site as compared to males (,2014). hope to design a musical film clip aim to target the online population of travelers. that hopes to resonate in the mind of its consumers to provoke the need for travel (Joshua,2014).

4. Analysis the MINT to get relevant financial data about the company and sources

1 2 3 4

According to the financial data we can see that and Tripadvisor’s total asset are higher in these four companies, at 2718 million dollars in 2012 and Tripadvisor’s total asset is 1473million dollar in 2012. It is shown that total assets are higher, the company’s total assets turnover faster. And then analyze shareholder funds showing that, Tripadvisor and Trivago’s shareholder funds are increasing from 2010 to 2012, among’s shareholder funds are the highest. But’s shareholder funds are decreasing from 2010 to 2012.

5. How the customer choose hotels.

According to the survey show that affects the customer choose hotels normally based on the several factors. The most important factor is location of the hotel. The customer is more careful about that whether or not the location is convenient, followed by price and past experience (,2014). Besides, personal preference, the product and service also are an important factor to affect customer decision making. Base on the analysis customer is more preferable to choose booking,com and Tripadvisor.


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