Compare Australian TV online marketing activities of NRL footy, master chef, TVSN

Online marketing activities include, domain, content, connections, community, communication and etc.




NRL footy is mainly to show the AFL football and controversies surrounding the league. The website of NRL footy use the videos to show the AFL football game, and the customer can watch the controversies surrounding in studio by the video (Nine Msn, 2014).

MasterChef is one of the most popular TV show in Australian. MasterChef’s website use the high volume of visual content, picture and video can improve the influence of TV show (MasterChef Australia., 2014)

TVSN uses the text and pictures for the majority of the content. The site of TVSN is showcasing all your favorite product, famous brands and international trends. In this website has lots of picture about Fashion, Health, Beauty, Kitchen, Electronics, Home wares and Jewelry departments. All the products show on the website page, customer shopping is easily on TVSN (TVSN, 2014).


NRL footy site has few link to other sites in Australian, only link to the social media,,,, industry

MasterChef has many links to other sites in Australian. For example, on network ten: Ten TV shows, Eleven TV shows, One TV shows, Ten eyewitness news, Ten sport, Check TV guide. And Social network:,,, YouTube, insider

TVSN is mainly to link to other sites, such as And social list:,,,,, google plus.


These three website can link to various social media sites in every page. These three website allows the users to share the information by the social media. Besides, the consumer also can subscriber the channel of the different social media to follow these three websites.


1.The user cannot find the “contact us” link in the homepage of NRL footy website. The facilities of NRL footy website is so poor, the user cannot communicate to the site. Besides, the user also cannot find the NRL footy address and email links, but user can find the FAQ section in the bottom of homepage. FAQ can answer some questions for the user. The user will contact the NRL footy by the Facebook or Twitter (Nine Msn, 2014).

2. At the bottom of MasterChef’s home page, MasterChef provide “contact us” for site link to user. All the contact detail will be there, such as postal address, phone number, fax and email, so user can contact with MasterChef essay. Also the site provide FAQ. Users can communicate to the site, use the social media. The much of the content can be commented on the page, also users can share the interest information from the site to the social media (MasterChef Australia. 2014).

3.On the left of the home page, the information show the about TVSN, the customer can know the company’s mission, how to shopping in the site, and what kind of productions provide in the site. “Contact us” user can know the company’s email address, phone number, fax and local address. Beside, users also can interact with the site to use the social media (TVSN, 2014).

Part B is a tool founded, it focus exclusively on delivering the richest and most meaningful analytics tool, for helping users to measure a website popularity on the internet. The identify keywords for the information show that is number 1 in the global traffic rank, and also it is the number 1 in United states. The daily page view per visitor percentage is 23.81% and daily time on site is 19:16(Alexa, 2014). According to the audience demographics show that female users is 51% male users 49% (Alexa, 2014). Based on the geographical data, United States is the largest provider of users to this website, follow by India, Japan, Russia and Brazil. There are 3282175 sites linking in the, No.1is, and then and The top keywords from search engines, Gmail, google, AdSense, translate, and google translate (Alexa, 2014).
















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